Donald Trump: A Spiritual Perspective

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Donald Trump: A Spiritual Perspective

By Amy Bryant


As a Metaphysical Christian who is also a Democrat, the prospect of Donald Trump becoming President of the United State is anathema to me.

Listening to his scathing pronouncements on women, immigrants, Muslims, and the disabled, I have felt the emotions of anger and disgust welling up inside of me.  Not to mention words such as %!x#! that strained to burst forth from my mouth.  I underwent an internal struggle as these negative emotions and near utterances battled against my spiritual belief in the inherent goodness of every person; the universality of the human family, and myself as an instrument of God’s love. How could I express my political feelings without the hostility of being against Trump?

The Law of Attraction says that which you focus on expands.  This is especially true if you focus with strong emotion.  Through our focus and attention, we bring forth not only what we want to manifest in our lives, but also what we do not want to see come to pass. If I express rage every time I see the Donald’s face, I’m not pushing him away, I am actively calling him forth into my personal reality..

So how do I direct the Law of Attraction in a way that won’t attract Trump into my life?

  • First, I must focus on what I do want:  a president who is inclusive, respectful of women and the disabled, compassionate to immigrants—realizing that only the Native Americans can hold original claim to this land that we call the United States of America. And yes, a person of dignity who speaks to the issues.
  • Next, I turn my attention away from what I don’t want.  When I watch the news and one of Trump’s rallies comes on, I immediately switch the channel so that I’m not tempted to elicit a mean-spirited response.  When hateful posts come across my Facebook news feed, rather than selecting like and shouting “get the s.o.b,”  I select Hide Post and eliminate it.
  • Finally, to attract what I want, I do one of two things.  Either I pray, asking God to fill Donald’s heart with love and compassion.  Or I visualize surrounding him with the white light of Universal energy and the Creator’s love.  In either case, the focus is what I am for, not what I am against.

Suppose thousands of people followed that simple formula.  By the time critical mass was reached, Trump would fade from the political scene.

 It is said, “Man meant it for evil . . . God meant it for good.” Even the hate mongering serves a spiritual purpose.  It serves to purge America’s festering impurities. It strips the veneer off those who show a kind face to the world, while harboring a malevolent heart.   Trump’s words give false legitimacy, flushing out the haters and putting into words that which is unspoken, lurking under the surface. With hypocrisy revealed, the voters and politicians must decide:  are you on the side of America’s core values or America’s underlying animosity?

 No matter which candidate you favor, no matter what political ideology you subscribe to, take a moment to think.  What are you for, and how closely does your presidential candidate line up with your highest standards for your country?


  1. Gisela B.

    Amy – brave and positive, and encouraging with solutions. Difficult to resist your arguments. Great reminder of being positive despite …
    It’s easier to rant and rave, but this is better.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this. This is not just applicable during this presidential race but so universally applicable ito all aspects of my life. I heard your interview on the My Seven Charkras podcast and the things you shared really resonated with me. Everything to Reike to Battling Cancer, to the healing prayers and visualizations that helped heal your friend, and the one that had my whole body vibrating like a tuning fork was when you shared the quote at the end of the interview the verse from John 14

    “I tell you the one who believes in me will do the works I do, and in fact greater works than these…”

    Please Keep doing what you’re doing. Your words are powerful, transformative and freeing.

    I LOVE that you can be both metaphysical and Christian… It makes so much sense that we can be both, yet that not always the sense I get within the church. Thank you for being a shining and vibrant messenger of God’s Love for ALL of creation.

    May you be continually blessed with Peace, Love and Good Health. And may your message be heard by everyone who needs to hear it.

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