Strolling 3Amy Bryant is an author, poet, and blogger, who touches countless hearts through her uplifting and inspirational words. Living in America as a woman of color, Amy Bryant’s life and that of her family has been shaped by a multicultural mosaic, spanning Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Encouraged by friends and family to tell her story, Amy debuted as a writer with her book, You CAN Go Home Again.

As seen in her blogs, Amy’s work can best be described as profound simplicity. She has been heard to say, “I think in 8 1/2 x 11” Her messages are usually clear in only one page.

Amy looks reality straight in the eye. While acknowledging that negative circumstances exist, her vision and focus always convey faith in the inherent goodness of humankind and she expects that life’s challenges will result in a positive outcome. .

With a Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University, and a Masters from Columbia University, Amy Bryant enjoyed a fulfilling career as a Clinical Social Worker.

Now, the titles Reiki Master and Minister add to the expansion of her avocation, as represented in her Ceremonial Ministry tailored to life’s milestone events.